Short Information about our Origin

Founded by Elisha Caldwell (Eli) in 2018, Eli Health System (EHS) aim to strengthen health-care systems in low GDP economies with the conceptual framework to reduce per capita health-care cost, improve population health, and improve the quality of life. Eli believes in 21st century global health system that provides every individual, access to equitable health-care regardless of their nationality, immigration status, preexisting conditions, socioeconomic status, without the enforcement of must pay policy.

How it all Started..

In 2006 when Eli worked in Sierra Leone he experienced that many under-five children were dying from preventable diseases. He observed that maternal mortality rate was high due to pregnancy-related complications, untimely access to care, and high cost of care that many could not afford. A similar pattern was discovered by Eli when he worked in South Sudan in 2015. There, he worked to strengthen primary health-care. He noted that maternal and infant mortality rate there was the worst he had seen.

He implied that South Sudan at the time was one of the worse places for a woman to bear child. Maternal deaths from pregnancy-related complications were a direct result of lack of trained health-care workers including nurses, midwives, and doctors. He observed that most of the population that needed help live far from health centers. A very limited number of health-care workers were accessible. Clinical services were provided through out-of-pocket system similar to Sierra Leone and Liberia. Those that lack monetary funds to pay for services had difficulty seeking care and had to depend on international nongovernmental organizations.

At the beginning of 2018, Eli visited Liberia where he witnessed a 19 year old mother of 2 years old boy die in a hospital due to delay in receiving care. This young mother's death had an emotional impact on Eli, which marked the birth of Eli Health System. Eli Health System believes that access to clinical care should be based on need. Income and financial hardship should not prevent people from receiving clinical care when they need it. No patient should be left behind, regardless of their inability to pay. "Disease has no border, the world would be a safer place if there is a global health system put in place." Eli

Our Leaders

Below are the leaders at EHS

team member
Elisha Caldwell (Eli), MPH

Founder & CEO, United States

team member
Francis V. Zayzay, BSN/MPH

Country Director, Liberia

team member
David K. Zeze, NP

Consultant and Director of Nursing, Liberia

team member
Boakai Lamin Kamara

Director of Data analytics, Liberia

team member
Mutinta Bulanda, MHA

Sec. & Treasurer to the Board of Directors, USA

team member
Honorable Beyan D. Howard

Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors, Liberia