Welcome to Eli Health System.

Eli Health System (EHS) is 501(C)3 community global healthcare organization founded on the need to serve vulnerable populations through community health education and health promotion in high-risk disease burden countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. Fervently dedicated to providing vital healthcare services and educational opportunities to impoverished individuals in marginalized areas of Africa, EHS works with healthcare organizations to facilitate the provision of essential health services.

Eli Health System aims to address population health in Sub-Sahara Africa in all entirety, to improve the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of high-risk vulnerable populations through community education.

Our Mission

Improve health indicators of underprivileged communities affected by poverty and disease through people-centric services.

Founded in 2018, the organization was created by a healthcare professional who had witnessed firsthand the connection between the conditions in impoverished regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and the resources that were available to residents through the domestic and international anti-poverty programs. Our organization is compassionate and community-focused; we are advocates for living healthy lifestyles to sustain and improve the health of individuals and communities. While our broad vision is to address healthcare throughout the region, our initial aim is to ensure that all residents of rural Liberia receive the most advanced and effective healthcare, including both treatment and education.

Our Vision

To address the root cause of disease from a mutual dimensional approach to alleviate pain and suffering.

The effectiveness of any nation’s health system depends on a range of factors, including a sound health plan, evidence-based policies, trained and resourceful health workers, reliable information and logistics systems, continuous support from communities and their leaders, a well-maintained infrastructure, strategic partnerships with ministries and donors, a dependable supply of medicines and appropriate technology, and adequate financial resources.

Founded by Elisha Caldwell (Eli) in 2018, Eli Health System aims to strengthen healthcare systems in low GDP economies with the conceptual framework to reduce per capita healthcare cost, improve population health, and improve the quality of life. Our founder, an experienced public health professional, envisions a global health system in Sub-Saharan Africa where health care is affordable by all. We are driven by a holistic and integrated health model that takes into account social, biological, environmental, economic, cultural, and financial determinants of health. These drivers that change the course of health are addressed in our model of health education and health promotion.