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Welcome to Eli Health System

Where every life counts

Our model of care is to provide a grassroots healthcare system that addresses the root cause of population health. We are driven by compassion, care and centralize idea that every human live count. We transcend beyond self-motives and build to empower communities to look after their own health. Our idea of good health goes further than the absence of disease and illness. We know when we work together we can achieve the impossible.

  • Our Goal: To provide high-quality population health services
  • Our Objective: Transcend beyond quality care
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Maternal Care

We engage in Maternal Infant and Reproductive Health Care.

Infectious Diseases

Diseases such as Hepatitis B,C, HIV/AIDS and TB are covered.

Preventive Care

Proper Hygiene and Sanitation ensure good living.

Family Planning

Good family planning and trainings.

Professional Training

Health Sensitization and Workshop for Liberians.

Health Insurance

We share our beliefs and values with underprivileged communities about how to achieve high-quality health care outcomes

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Our Facility Centers

These facilities are based in Liberia

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Elisha is the founder & CEO of Eli Health System. Elisha has several years of experience in health system strengthening, international and global health, program management, and primary health care.

Elisha Caldwell (Eli), MPH

Founder & CEO, United States

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Darrell Manning is the President Board of Directors

Darrell Manning

President, Board of Directors


Francis serves as the Country Director EHS. Francis has several years of leadership experience. He has worked in several capacities in community health, primary healthcare, healthcare delivery system, nursing, government policy, program management, procurement and logistics, and budget forecast.

Francis V. Zayzay, BSN/MPH

Country Director EHS, Liberia

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David has over 40 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner. He has worked in several capacities including Central Lutheran Hospital as a pediatric head nurse, nutritional surveyor, and chief officer for the Zorzor Rural Teacher Training Institute.

David K. Zeze, NP

Consultant and Director of Nursing, Liberia

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Boakai Lamin Kamara brings over 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Previously Mr. Kamara worked with International Bank Liberia Ltd as Network Administrator for six years.

Boakai Lamin Kamara

Director of Data analytics, Liberia

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Mutinta is the co-founder and Secretary to the Board of Directors of Eli Health System. Mutinta has over ten years of experience in business administration and financial management. Currently, she’s the Clinical Department Administrator with the Infectious Diseases at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Mutinta Bulanda, MHA


Secretary & Treasurer to the Board of Directors, United States

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Honorable Howard serves as the Advisor to the Board of Directors of Eli Health System. He has a passion for social justice and represents the underprivileged community. Honorable Howard is a representative in the Liberian government. He represents the fifth district of Lofa County.

Honorable Beyan D. Howard

Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors, Liberia

Our Beneficiaries

Our Partners

Our Partners at the moment include.

Ministry of Health Liberia